Anna E. Fraser

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Anna E. Fraser

Direct: Direct: (202)733-4460
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Anna Fraser, since 2018, has been the Legal Assistant for the zoning practice at S&B. She is the impeccable backstop for all BZA and Zoning Commission applications. She manages every filing, deadline, posting, notice, ANC scheduling, and all of the other critical details for those applications, relieving the client of the stress and burden of worrying about those details. In addition, she prepares substantial portions of those applications, using her exceptional organizational, writing, and communication skills, to perfect the applications before filing; and monitor them throughout the process.

Anna also works closely with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and other District agencies to facilitate quick answers and results for clients. From businesses seeking to rent or own property to homeowners who wish to rent out a room in their house, Anna has successfully secured Certificates of Occupancy and Basic Business Licenses for projects of all sizes.

Anna earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, majoring in philosophy and writing.

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