Shawn Buehler

We have worked with Marty Sullivan on a variety of single-family and multi-family projects throughout the city, within a wide range of zones, and with broadly ranging needs for relief and interpretation of the zoning regulations. Marty has a good read on the regulatory landscape in DC with respect to likely outcomes with the BZA. His familiarity with various ANC personalities, the DC zoning administrator and various reviewers has proven valuable over the course of several projects.

On several occasions in the course of our work with Sullivan and Barros, Marty has proposed creative solutions to resolve potential zoning conflicts, working regularly as an intermediary between us, our clients, and the zoning administrator and his staff. We routinely rely on Marty’s advice in the planning stages of our projects to ensure our design proposals are in line with the DC zoning regulations. Marty’s in depth understanding of the zoning regulations and how they have historically been interpreted are a valuable asset to our project planning process.