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Martin P. Sullivan

Direct: (202) 503-1704
Marty began his DC Zoning Law career at zoning and real estate law powerhouse Wilkes Artis, in 1998. He joined a group of zoning attorneys that left Wilkes Artis in 2000 for Shaw Pittman, later Pillsbury (a group that has since moved to Goulston Stor… Read More
Martin's Practice Areas:  DC Zoning Law
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Antonio M. Barros, Jr.

Direct: (202) 503-1703
Tony Barros heads the Litigation, Business Law, Real Estate Development, Acquisitions, Finance and Leasing practice at Sullivan & Barros, LLP. Tony’s practice includes addressing the corporate, contracting and construction law needs of busi… Read More
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Alexandra M. Wilson

Direct: (202) 503-3581
Alex Wilson joined Sullivan & Barros in 2015 as an associate, focusing primarily on Zoning and Land Use matters with Marty Sullivan. Her goal as an attorney is to help clients understand and achieve the full extent of their property rights. She w… Read More
Alex's Practice Areas:  DC Zoning Law
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Andrew Justus

Direct: (734) 787-8074
Andrew joined Sullivan & Barros in 2021 as an associate, focusing on Zoning and Land Use matters with Marty Sullivan. Prior to joining Sullivan & Barros, Andrew worked for a national nonprofit on public policy related to transportation and la… Read More
Andrew's Practice Areas:  DC Zoning Law
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Norma I. Barros

Direct: (202) 503-2637
Norma Barros is the Director of Case Management and provides paralegal support for the Litigation, Business Law, Condominium, HOA, Real Estate Development, Acquisitions, Finance and Leasing practice areas at Sullivan & Barros, LLP. Norma is respo… Read More
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Anna E. Fraser

Direct: (202)733-4460
Anna Fraser, since 2018, has been the Legal Assistant for the zoning practice at S&B. She is the impeccable backstop for all BZA and Zoning Commission applications. She manages every filing, deadline, posting, notice, ANC scheduling, and all of t… Read More
Anna's Practice Areas:  DC Zoning Law
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Leisha Mahajan

Direct: (443) 681-8611
Leisha Mahajan joined Sullivan and Barros in 2021 as a legal assistant for the zoning practice. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from the George Washington University, majoring in political science and double minoring in History and Theatre. As an und… Read More
Leisha's Practice Areas:  DC Zoning Law
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