Thanks everyone for putting in the work to get this approved! We really appreciate all the hard work that went into this, we had long odds but all that effort paid off. Marty and Alex - We appreciate your advice and guidance from early on and through the process, you helped us acknowledge this was an uphill battle from the start and that motivated us to push harder. Also want to say thanks to Sarah, you were amazing helping us coordinate posting docs and getting on the phone to make sure we handled those correctly.

Couldn't have gotten here without you all.

– Evan Muchai, Principal, Union Square Partners
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In developing The Reserves at Dakota Crossing, a project which contained 123 fee simple townhomes and a 236 multifamily rental building, Sullivan & Barros created Association documents which provide for the long term sustainability of a community with two unique ownership structures. Their expertise in crafting documents which provide clear management responsibilities is essential for these unique developments.

– William J. Collins, Concordia Group

I have a variety of matters relating to the daily operations of my development and construction business. Sullivan & Barros, LLC came highly recommended to me years ago, and since that time, without fail they have lived up to that recommendation. I have always been satisfied with the advice and guidance the firm provides. The result of the matters we work through is always in my favor.

I know the firm has a tremendous amount of legal knowledge and I can trust the information I am being told. I never once have doubted the advice or recommendations I have received. The firm operates very efficiently and moves quickly to resolve matters as fast as possible. Correspondence is returned quickly which is especially important because communication is paramount.

You cannot go wrong with Sullivan & Barros, LLC. Both Marty and Tony are experts in their fields as well as their staff. If you need counsel, you want them on your team.

– Beck Vissat, Principal, 10Square Development, LLC

We were referred to Sullivan & Barros for the formation of the HOA for 42 fee simple townhomes we were developing alongside a 121-unit multifamily project. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the services we received from the firm. The townhome community is part of a larger multifamily development, which added a lot of complexity to the HOA structure and formation due to the presence of common area parcels, shared infrastructure, overlapping easements, and shared costs to name just a few items. As such, in addition to preparing the HOA documents for the townhomes, Sullivan & Barros also had to prepare a Declaration of Common Easements, Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions to govern the relationship between the townhome parcels and the multifamily parcels. Every time I thought I identified some detail or nuance that wasn’t fully addressed in the documents, Tony would politely, but without hesitation, point out the provision where he already had it covered – his mastery of the documents and details impressing me each time. I look forward to working with Tony and Norma again, and unequivocally recommend Sullivan and Barros to others.

– Andrew M. Vincent, Vice President of Development, Horning Brothers

Sullivan & Barros represented our company in a contract dispute involving specific performance. Tony guided us expertly through the process step by step and though the case took many years to resolve, we were able to achieve the desired outcome. We were very pleased with our representation including the team's outstanding knowledge, organization, and thoughtful approach.

– Jay Gross, Coba Properties

I am a lawyer myself and a decades-long District resident and homeowner. When I needed help with a new complex project for our townhouse in a Historic Neighborhood, my architect recommended Marty Sullivan to assist on zoning and related approvals. I know how to follow good advice, and that was a good move! Marty and his team were responsive, focused, efficient, great communicators, and a delight to work with. Most importantly, they were successful! I’d be happy to work with the team again.

– Joyce A. Cowan
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I have worked with Sullivan & Barros on a number of different projects over the years. The strongest compliment I can give to S&B (or any partner) is that they treat me like family. The firm has always treated my legal issue as if it was as important to them as it was to me. They are an effective advocate & a good friend. Whether it is something basic like a condo registration or complicated like a BZA hearing, I always know that S&B will offer sound legal thinking, timely filings and thoughtful insights. I cannot recommend S&B highly enough.

– Barrett Evans

Our firm has been working with Marty for more than 5 years across dozens of projects. Marty is an incredibly valuable resource in all phases of the development process from initial evaluation, through entitlement, and to delivery. Marty has helped us navigate the difficult zoning, permitting, and entitlement landscape in DC and has contributed considerably to our success.

– Jay Gross, Coba Properties
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Over the past 8 years, Tony Barros has provided invaluable counsel in structuring joint ventures and negotiating and closing debt and equity capital structures and facilities, advising on TOPA implications in connection with acquisitions of multi-family properties, and establishing mixed-use and residential condominium associations for my real estate development projects. Often times, transactions require creative legal thinking and the ability for legal counsel to respond promptly to various demands and time constraints in order to close the deal, and Tony Barros has come through every time for me in these areas. Additionally, Tony offers great overall business advice and guidance and truly cares for his client’s wellbeing and success.

– Sunil Chhabra, One Real Estate

We have worked with Marty Sullivan on a variety of single-family and multi-family projects throughout the city, within a wide range of zones, and with broadly ranging needs for relief and interpretation of the zoning regulations. Marty has a good read on the regulatory landscape in DC with respect to likely outcomes with the BZA. His familiarity with various ANC personalities, the DC zoning administrator and various reviewers has proven valuable over the course of several projects.

On several occasions in the course of our work with Sullivan and Barros, Marty has proposed creative solutions to resolve potential zoning conflicts, working regularly as an intermediary between us, our clients, and the zoning administrator and his staff. We routinely rely on Marty’s advice in the planning stages of our projects to ensure our design proposals are in line with the DC zoning regulations. Marty’s in depth understanding of the zoning regulations and how they have historically been interpreted are a valuable asset to our project planning process.

– Shawn Buehler, Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.
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The team at Sullivan & Barros has been nothing short of amazing. They have been a tremendous resource for our Company since we began operation and our go to Partner for all of our Condominium registration and zoning needs. I can’t praise them enough for all of the knowledge they possess, guidance they have provided, attention to detail given and most importantly timing is always of the essence for Sullivan & Barros. The zoning team has also successfully navigated the complex community meeting, BZA and zoning approval process at DCRA. They have been instrumental in our success. I am proud to recommend Sullivan & Barros as the premier one stop shop for all of your zoning and condominium registration needs.

– Justin Sprinzen, CEO and Founder, New Vision Properties

The Sullivan and Barros team has the experience and skills to handle the most complex zoning matters in a cost-effective manner with a personal touch that most large law firms cannot match. Zoning matters can be complex, unpredictable matters where passions can run high, but the Sullivan and Barros attorneys were able to assist our organization in successfully navigating the zoning and appeals process with through principled briefs rooted in a deep understanding of the District’s land use laws and persuasive oral arguments before the boards and courts. No matter if it’s a simple zoning change for a single family home or the development of a commercial building, Sullivan and Barros understands what it takes to deliver for its clients.

– General Counsel, DC Nonprofit Organization
Categories: DC Zoning

My Company has been using Sullivan & Barros, LLP for over 8 years now and we are very satisfied with their work and professionalism. Tony and his team have handled all details in drafting condo docs for us and making sure approvals have been completed through the city and DCRAs bureaucracy. In addition, Tony has assisted in all aspects of helping develop a hard money lending division of my company--from preparing detailed loan documents to making introductions to numerous developers in need of capital with short notice.

Marty has been a constant resource in getting zoning opinion letters and providing creative ideas of what can be built in a given tax lot. Also, he gives an accurate pulse of the political environment in each ANC District and guides us on how to work with the community to build a project that will appeal to multiple constituencies that is still economically viable.

– Jay Gulati, Westend Development

We have worked with Sullivan and Barros on multiple zoning projects over the past five years. We use them for general zoning advice early on in projects, and we have used them to help secure several BZA special exceptions/ variances. We have found that they are very good at setting reasonable expectations for outcomes, which is helpful in decision-making. In addition, the team is very organized, and they manage the details of notice, filing, scheduling, and postings very well. It’s great to have a knowledgeable, experienced, and professional team to work with on zoning matters in DC.

– Joey Yaffe, New City Companies
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Sullivan & Barros is an absolute pleasure to work with in regards to any legal or collections related matters. Their responsiveness to emails, attention to detail, record keeping and final resolutions are phenomenal. I work with many attorneys and it is a pleasure to see such great results and turnaround in resolving accounts. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in the Property Management industry.

– Reesa Szikman, Director of Collections, Tidewater Property Management

We tasked the firm with a complicated zoning process for an infill apartment development that required a great deal of creativity and persistence. I hired Sullivan and Barros after witnessing their successful representation of other clients in the area and when confronted with the complexity of my upcoming project knew that they were perfectly suited for the project.

We do not believe that the project would have been able to move forward without the expertise and local knowledge of the firm. Their involvement upfront was key and their continued involvement throughout was absolutely the difference in making a good project a great one.

They exhibit clarity, candor, and a clear personal touch that does not exist with any of the other zoning firms in the area. Being able to work with the principals of the firm directly is also huge bonus. Additionally, there is a clear passion and respect for the work that they do. Knowing that they are personally excited by their work makes it that much easier as a client when seeking guidance on important decisions about real estate development.

They also have the ability to discuss multiple options and strategies that align with the goals of the project. Specifically, as it relates to feasibility and efficiency of time and resources, areas that are fundamental to executing a successful development.

Working with Sullivan and Barros makes sure that you will have all of the local knowledge and expertise required to deliver on your real estate goals. They deliver when it matters most and provide clarity each step of the way.

– Chris Agorosr, New World Developers
Categories: DC Zoning

Sullivan & Barros saw us through a very difficult zoning change process and was there every step of the way to advise us. Thanks to them, we were able to get approval for the zoning change we needed in order to open our restaurant. We are so thankful for their knowledge and expertise!

– Andrew Dana , Call Your Mother Deli
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I have worked with Marty Sullivan on multiple projects. Marty is an instrumental part of my business. Marty's ability to zoom in on the key issues, and then provide a roadmap forward has allowed me to successfully undertake larger, more complicated, more profitable projects. Marty is very knowledgeable, responsive, and communicative. I cannot recommend him enough!

– Aaron Ruderman
Categories: DC Zoning

Thank you all so very much for providing such calm and expert guidance through this process....not for the layman to navigate alone.

– Hanna Rosin
Categories: DC Zoning

I wanted to say thank you for your help with BZA case - 1252 H St, NE. Although, I have heard many great things about famous Marty Sullivan's practice, I was blown away by your professionalism, subject matter expertise, and ability to handle different types of situations.

– Todd Ragimov, Atel Development
Categories: DC Zoning

You have a rock star team! Alex, Leisha, Sarah, everyone did a fantastic job getting our application through BZA, answering our questions and keeping everything on the swift track. Alex is calm and persuasive in her presentations. It was a real pleasure working with the team.

– Julie Fletcher, JL Property Ventures, LLC
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