Chris Agorosr

We tasked the firm with a complicated zoning process for an infill apartment development that required a great deal of creativity and persistence. I hired Sullivan and Barros after witnessing their successful representation of other clients in the area and when confronted with the complexity of my upcoming project knew that they were perfectly suited for the project.

We do not believe that the project would have been able to move forward without the expertise and local knowledge of the firm. Their involvement upfront was key and their continued involvement throughout was absolutely the difference in making a good project a great one.

They exhibit clarity, candor, and a clear personal touch that does not exist with any of the other zoning firms in the area. Being able to work with the principals of the firm directly is also huge bonus. Additionally, there is a clear passion and respect for the work that they do. Knowing that they are personally excited by their work makes it that much easier as a client when seeking guidance on important decisions about real estate development.

They also have the ability to discuss multiple options and strategies that align with the goals of the project. Specifically, as it relates to feasibility and efficiency of time and resources, areas that are fundamental to executing a successful development.

Working with Sullivan and Barros makes sure that you will have all of the local knowledge and expertise required to deliver on your real estate goals. They deliver when it matters most and provide clarity each step of the way.