Recent News
JPDS Special Exception Approved by BZA
February 2016


Sullivan and Barros represented the Jewish Primary Day School (JPDS) in its special exception application to expand its enrollment number and add a middle school to the existing campus at 6045 16th St. NW. The request also included a major physical addition to the existing building on the property. With a top-notch team, including Geier Brown Renfrow architects, Symmetra Design traffic consultants, and the devoted parents and board members from JPDS, the application was unanimously approved by the BZA. The request also enjoyed the unanimous support of the local ANC and other community groups.

New Roof Structure/Penthouse Regulations Adopted by Zoning Commission
February 2016

The Zoning Commission recently adopted new regulations regarding the construction of roof structures, commonly known as penthouses. These amendments have made significant changes to the existing roof structure provisions. Most affected will be the residential zones, which will no longer be permitted to have stairway penthouses without BZA special exception relief. The regulations have also added the ability to provide habitable penthouse space in commercial zones, with numerous conditions and requirements on such uses. In many districts, the maximum height permitted for a roof structure has also been decreased. These regulations went into effect in January and will apply to any building permits issued after that. Every project should be reviewed or re-reviewed for compliance with these new penthouse regulations.

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